The Power of Influencers

According to The New York Times, the average person 30 years ago was exposed to around 2,000 ads per day. Today the average person is exposed to 5,000+ ads. Whether scrolling down your news feeds or just simply on the homepage of any social media outlet, the average person is being constantly bombarded with thousands of advertisements that might not help fill their personal demand for a product or service. The Kardashians have become business moguls in a vast variety of different industries. But how well do they know the products that they are advertising? From health supplements, phone accessories and even energy drinks, do you really think that the Kardashian family really has much expertise in these specific products? This has caused plenty of people to lash out and even lose trust in the product as well as in the endorser, due to low levels of expertise and knowledge in the product that they are advertising. This goes for all other endorsers that most likely don’t have any experience in the market in which the product that they endorsing is positioned. That is why the more efficient way to promote your product or service while directing it towards a specific niche market, is through influencers. Check out all there is to know about investing in an influencer for your next campaign!

Influencers vs. Celebrity Endorsements

Let’s take a look at the true difference between influencers and celebrity endorsements. Influencers are known for being professionals in specific niche markets. They are then able to achieve great levels of trust and support from their viewers and/or followers. From which they are able to create a two-way communication channel with their audience to get insight into what they like and what they don’t like, as well as their general opinion on topics and ideas. Influencers also tend to be more specific about which products they were to promote since they are always protective of the trust that they have worked hard to build between themselves and their audience. A product that reflects their personal brand is most of the time what influencers are willing to promote.  Whereas celebrity endorsements, often times have an excessive number of followers, they are usually known to be used in cases when a brand is trying to attach the endorsers fame to the product, such as the Lumee case and Kim Kardashian West.

According to an article by HubSpot, 94% of a variety of marketers from different industries said that using an influencer is one of the most efficient marketing strategies for startups and companies who are struggling with marketing communication. The key benefits that a brand gets through using an influencer are that it increases brand awareness, and that the influencer already has an established target market. Increasing brand awareness is good for startups or struggling companies that need help with getting the word about their innovative product or service.

The other benefit of using an influencer is that they already have an established target market. This allows the company to effectively reach their initial target market without having to invest in other marketing strategies. One of the most well-known examples of the success that using influencers can do for your product or service is the Swedish watchmaker, Daniel Wellington. Daniel Wellington never took advantage of traditional marketing tools but thought that the most efficient way to increase brand awareness was through micro-influencers and word of mouth. Due to the strong success of Daniel Wellington’s unique marketing approach, their $15,000 startup was able to jump up to a company that was reeling in $220 million in revenue.

Striving Influencers and their Impact

Chiara Ferragni, Lilly Singh, Huda Kattan and Mark Fischbach. These four people have one thing in common… that is that they really know what they are talking about. According to Forbes’ list of effective influencers, these four people are currently the highest ranked influencers in industries such as fashion, entertainment, beauty and gaming. Each and every person listed above has a large amount of experience and practice in their industry of expertise. Chiara Ferragni had gone from being an average fashion blogger to the top influencer in the fashion industry. During an interview for Forbes, Chiara stated that in the past, people interested in fashion instinctively turned toto strong magazine companies like Vogue for updates in the fashion industry. Yet today, because of the large amount of time spent on different social media outlets, the most effective way for people to get their fare share of fashion new is through influencers that they trust and depend on for new updates and news in the fashion industry.

Our Experience Working with Influencers

ENTG has utilized influencers in many different ways. The first case that we will take a look at is the  first “advergaming” campaign in Croatia for Microsoft’s Windows PC using the influencer known as BloodMaster. The campaign consisted of the influencer that we chose BloodMaster to create a series of 5 videos to promote the 4 new Microsoft products through the world of Minecraft. A benefit of this type of campaign was the direct connection that the influencer had with the users while playing the game. As previously mentioned, trust and knowledge in the product are what followers look for in an influencer. Allowing two way communication is key in this case for the followers. The results of the first “advergaming” campaign were the following: 900,000 views, 39,000 likes, 6,000 comments 7 million minutes watched (organic reach). To read more about the Windows PC “advergaming” campaign take a look at Ivan Hrvoje Josipovic’s blog post on a glimpse of all the different features that made this campaign a successful one!

Not only is there a strong difference between endorsers and influencers, we can also quickly take a glimpse of the difference between micro-influencers and influencers as well. Micro-influencers are individuals that also have high expertise in certain industries and group of products or services but have a more modest number of followers compared to influencers. Although they might have fewer followers, the results are much higher for micro-influencers since that have an even more specific niche market and do not work with a variety of brands. Influencers have a larger number of followers than micro-influencers which may not have that big of an impact and results tend to be lower with influencers compared to micro-influencers.

A tip that will also help you when working with influencers is to not hold back their expertise and creativity with the product and service. But to simply be open minded but to also provide them with a few guidelines and general advice while building the campaign.  

As we searched through the differences between celebrity endorsements and influencers as well as influencers and micro-influencers, we can conclude that the most efficient way to reach your target market is by using micro-influencers who will be able to raise brand awareness and reach of the campaign.

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