• Time period

    October 2014 - not launched

  • Client

    Toothpaste brand - undisclosed

  • Industry


  • Services

    Creative direction, Interaction design, UI/UX

Toothpaste brand wanted to create a stronger habit of washing teeth at least 2 times a day along with the habit of changing a toothbrush more often.

In order to wash your teeth correctly, you have to do it in a specific way during a 3-minute time period. Usually, parents are those who teach kids how to do it, but this time, we wanted to have kids engaging their parents.

We created a web app (to make it easily approachable) with a main character – Toothy. We created a song that Toothy is singing. When kids and their parents go to the link, a song with simple, yet entertaining, lyrics starts to play and there is a 3-minute time countdown.

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