Microsoft Laws of Productivity

  • Time period

    June 20 - July 20 2016

  • Client

    Microsoft (mobile)

  • Industry


  • Services

    Windows 10 and Flagship devices campaign

With the launch of Windows 10 on mobile and new flagship Lumia devices we created the campaign that ran in 6 countries in CEE. For that campaign we created “Laws of Productivity”, a platform that enabled users to fully immerse into the productivity experience and to perceive the Lumia flagships as a strong authority on the matter.

We created landing web which had three main pillars:
Laws of Productivity
Flagship devices presentation with suggested apps
Articles about productivity

Each part of the content was clearly connected with productivity, flagship demonstration and apps available for the devices.
Each user that entered the platform could learn about new platform and access the content including articles, suggested apps and existing laws. In addition to that, they could propose a new productivity law.

The campaign ran for one month and generated more than a hundred new productivity laws.