• Time period

    April / May 2017

  • Industry

    Pharmaceutical, Technology

  • Services

    Brand identity development and hardware proof of concept

We were approached by our client me.mum, at that time, a start-up with no brand, no name, just a great idea based on a well detected need among the target group.

They were at the very beginning of their go-to-market journey: they had an idea and basically needed everything else to be able to put the product on the market. After we did a proof of concept for them which showed that the product is viable for further development we started our work on the overall visual and brand identity. From naming and logo to brand tone-of-voice – we developed the complete visual identity for me.mum.

Every pore of the brand is based on a relevant customer insight – from naming to manifesto: “I want to become a mother.” me.mum – for all future mothers.