• Time period

    May / June 2017

  • Client


  • Industry


  • Services

    TVC production: creative concept, script writing, creative direction, end-to-end project management

Ledo is Croatian leading ice-cream producer. Each year they start their ice-cream season with a commercial representing all new ice-creams in their offer and inviting their customers to enjoy in warm days and their ice-creams. This year they decided to tackle a younger target with their commercial – children. Client wanted to represent four new ice-creams for children in the overall offer through one TV spot. What is a better way to do that than through a special, fairy tale land called Ledoland. We came up with a creative concept in which our two main characters (a boy and a girl) enter this imaginary world through eating one ice-cream and embark on an adventure where all new ice-creams help them in finding the ultimate treasure – a chest containing all new Ledo ice-creams for the season.

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