Sanja Novotny

Office manager & Communications assistant

Art is a line around your thoughts.

Gustav Klimt

From Community manager intern to my first job as Office manager & Communications assistant. And it’s still a great ride. 

Currently in the process of writing two masters in Croatology science (professor of Croatian language and literature) and Communication Studies (PR).

First practical experience I gained was writing for portals and the student newspaper, but I decided to try something  different. Applying for ENTG internship, helped me realize that my interest actually lies in content creations.

What I love about my work is the variety of clients that pushes me to constantly switching mind-set. I really enjoy researching the type of content that will work well, creating it and watching as it attracts audience.

Beside the work, I enjoy working with the team that stands with the name ENTG. They inspire me to push myself and to show what I can do. What more can I ask for? 🙂

Also, I’m comic book nerd, SPN fan, cooking fanatic and embroidery beginner.