From Instagram Stories to the Messenger Bot – To Bot or not to Bot on social media?

Every brand wants to get the best from ads on social media, but they have to use it in a smart and non intrusive-add way. But what is the best and most efficient way? We can only say that Facebook continues to find ways for company’s main three major brands — Facebook, Instagram and Messenger — to complement one another. We know chatbots are nothing new, but recently they’ve got a lot of attention by connecting with social media. We’ve looked it up and find out how you can connect Instagram Stories and Messenger that will lead to an amazing engagement win with the audience.
I’m sure you all have noticed that Instagram is constantly testing ways to improve and give its best effort to share all of the moments that are important to you. One of those tests was introducing Instagram Stories in the summer of 2016 as a direct punch on Snapchat (but they didn’t stop there as you can read in Ida’s blog post). The way of showing shared videos and photos in chronological order for 24 hours was accepted almost instantly. Instagram Stories have over 200 million daily active viewers, according to Forbes  and that number will continue to grow. Users love looking at Stories because you can share links or tag people in it, it suggests new users based on likes and followers and you can upload video saved on your video… Forbes also suggest that influencer community sees 28% higher open rate on Instagram Stories than Snapchat (and we know what influencers can do for advertising). Following that success, company Facebook also added Stories into its other apps, like Whatsapp and Messenger. But that was no threat to Instagram stories.

So Facebook continued building cross-platform promotion by allowing brands to buy ads from Facebook to run on Instagram that link to a brand’s account in Facebook’s messaging app. Leading to that the brands can add codes to their videos and photos ads on Instagram, that will allow them to open a specific messaging thread on Messenger. When users click on them, they enable brands to start conversations and promote their chatbots on Messengers.


What lead me to researching this specific subject you ask? Yesterday, while I was in the office, I looked out the window and saw that it was cloudy and downpouring outside. So a way I thought to cheer myself up from the bad weather was to check out Jamie Oliver’s Instagram profile. While I was scrolling through his posts, I noticed something interesting and cool in his Stories (besides the food ofc) –  CTA to get his recipes from a new cookbook. I swiped up, but it lead me to a specific Messenger thread. It notified me that I can send an emoji to get some new recipes. How cool is that, right? 


So I tried it out with a sweet potato emoji and got an amazing recipe back (that I tried later that night for dinner). One of the coolest parts is that you can send a couple of food item emoji’s and you will still get recipes back with those ingredients. Let’s just say that I got stuck on that Messenger thread for a couple of hours.

Should chatbots be on social media?

So,  the situation described above got me thinking about using Instagram Stories and connecting it with Facebook and Messenger. Messaging apps have become an increasingly important channel for brands to effectively reach mobile customers. By not making chatbot available on Instagram, it continues to be very visual social media, unlike Messenger which is a one-on-one / group chat platform. This is all a very clever way, considering that people use Instagram mostly for their visual content and making it a chat platform, many users may lose interest in it.

It is important to get your business, product or service in front of more people and increase your reach. And now you are able to do so by using the Messenger bot. You still can’t see it’s benefit? Let’s see excellency of it’s use on different brand examples.  

The brand Sephora launched a Facebook campaign with in-feed ads that directed people to the Messenger app. Using the Messenger bot, they simplified bookings by allowing people to tell which store location and service they want. After that, users received not only the closest dates and times, but also possibility to book the appointment. The results? A +11% increase in booking rates through Messenger, according to FacebookThey met the customers where they were – reaching out to them and inviting them to come into their stores, and it worked!

If you have a business focused on traveling and booking, you can see how SnapTravel reached more people and how it benefited it from it.  Using the Messenger thread, they help people to find and book the perfect hotel, resulting in $1 million in hotel bookings in less than a year. 

Maybe for your business or the brand you represent, you would want a better way to build your support? Create real-time customer service using the Messenger bot like Globe did. Globe, the telecom company, increased employee productivity by 3.5x and reduced calls to its hotline by an amazing 50%. Talk about a game changing business approach!


While conducting this research, I can see that more brands should use digital tools and innovation to meet the users where they already spend their time – on their phones. As well as come up with a conversational strategy that includes how to use bots to improve their brand services and how to properly promote the bots. Using chatbots, brands can get business changing results and promotion. Using Instagram Story’s visual elements and redirecting it on Messenger bot, conversation can continue over time sending sponsored messages and notifications. All of that can lead to very effective promotion because it build strong trustworthy customer relationship.

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