Mary Meeker 2017 Internet Trends report is here and we are bringing you key takeaways from it.


Wednesday evening, my phone is going crazy. No, it’s not my friends trying to persuade me that it’s actually Friday and my bed is living in a parallel reality. It’s Mary Meeker and THE 2017 Internet Trends report.  It’s out. I am not leaving my bed, but I know – this will be a long night.

For all of us working in digital & tech industry Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report is…like a Bible, or best recipe book, or Vogue, or IKEA catalogue. It’s THE report.

For me, a strategist working in digital & tech industry, it’s even more. It’s my tool of art, but only if I use it right.

Why? Because data is just data – if you don’t know what to do with it. Dots are just dots. If you don’t connect them properly – nothing for your business but possibly a nice pattern for your office walls.

Just to give you a brief intro to the report:

  • Internet users are growing
  • Smartphone growth is slowing
  • Ad growth is driven by mobile
  • etc.

Ok, you’ve possibly heard these trends over and over and in the latest report you will find the figures supporting them. But what should you do about it?

Ask yourself questions. Loads of them. This may bring a shift in your perspective. A shift in your perspective may open new views. New views may open new opportunities. New opportunities may open…come on, you know how this goes.

If you haven’t already done so, download and read the full report here. It’s 355 pages worth your attention. Trust us, we went through them. And we are not going to provide you a  copy-paste summary of trends below. Just google Mary Meeker and you’ll find loads of great ones.

We’ll just give you a few snaps and ask you a few questions.

1. Ad Growth = Driven by Mobile


Print is declining. Mobile is rising. Ok. Let’s not get into the same old discussion whether print is dead or not. We are just going to ask you the following:

Do you have a breakdown of your advertising budget spend on various media vs. amount of time your target consumers spend on these same media?

Mary Meeker’s report indicates there is still more time spent on mobile than ad spend with a clear opportunity for rise in mobile ad spend.

Do you have an opportunity to redistribute your ad spend across media in order to reach better results?

2. Internet ad spend is predicted to surpass TV spend within six months.


What’s your internet ad spend and TV ad spend relation? Considering your market specificities, is the relation bringing the maximum for your business goals?

3. “Effective user generated content can generate 6,9x higher engagement than brand generated content on Facebook.”


How does your brand’s content strategy relate to this? What did your brand post today? Could you have thought differently about the content you shared with your followers today?

4. “Social media can drive accountability.”


How many loyal customers have you lost in the last year? Could you have used your social media channels to retain them instead of posting a link to your latest TV ad uploaded on your Youtube channel? It’s a good ad, we are not saying anything. 🙂 But can you maybe utilize your social media channels for better business performance?

5. Hi there, retailers. Sure you know e-commerce is on the rise and data collection is very important for you. But have you thought lately about your retail experience design? And how to use it to get to know your customers better? Also, how it influences both your online and offline sales results?


6. “Video gaming is the most engaging form of Social Media.”

Not Instagram. Video gaming. Did you think about an advergaming campaign in the last year? Did you think about gaming segment being at all important for your promotional activities? People play video games. And people playing video games have the same needs as everybody you think you are targeting through all other channels.


If you are not sure where to start, here is an example of how you can do one – we did it recently for Microsoft.

We’ll stop with questions now. To conclude, let’s look at the last snap we chose:


Top challenge for advertisers regarding social media marketing still remains measuring ROI.

Dear advertisers, are you asking yourselves the right questions? Are you asking yourselves any questions? If you want to keep asking and need guidance in that area contact me at, let’s meet and see how we could help you with that.

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