BEHIND THE SCENES Advergaming campaign: Windows PCs do more! Just like You.

Our first advergaming campaign with influencer BloodMaster and our client Microsoft is behind us. Now it is time to tell you a story from behind the scenes –  from my point of view as an account.

Following trends and seeing how gaming has a huge followers base and engagement, when the the opportunity occurred, we knew it was a right thing to take that direction for our upcoming campaign.

It all started with a challenging briefing by Microsoft Croatia for a digital campaign. We decided to make a campaign with brand-awareness building, while introducing new high-end Windows PCs and highlighting sales partners.

And here is the story how it all rolled up.


Level 1: At the beginning there was…a research?

When you take above mentioned insights about gaming, the next thing is to find a way how to connect it with high-end Windows PCs and target audience. Since Microsoft as the end result wanted target to understand what new devices can do, we started to explore how to connect all of those factors.  

The researches had brought us to conclude that there were a couple of amazing YouTube gamers, regionally popular among millennials. One name just kept repeating – BloodMaster! At that moment we knew how advergaming campaign will be our tactic.


Nobody in Croatia got into that area yet. It was the first time we were working on the gaming concept and we wanted it to be groundbreaking – not only to satisfy the client, but also to make a significant impact on target and put a certain spotlight on a gaming as such in our industry.

At this moment I decided to turn to some more serious sources – directly to representatives of the target – the kids.


Level 2: Personal research

Since I have amazing nephews in my family, I decided to see what they have to say about BloodMaster. They absolutely confirmed all we were thinking about.

All time their parents allow them to spend on the Internet, they spend it on YouTube. Among all the young YouTubers, they just love to watch Bloodmaster playing Minecraft. Even more, gaming influencers are the main topic during breaks at school. Every Monday, the main topic is new BloodMaster’s video and what he did in Minecraft.

That insight just motivated me more to continue this research – I actually started to watch all the BloodMaster videos!

I was so not BloodMaster’s target and I remember my thoughts the first time I watched the video. I was like: „Ok, this is… weird.“ But more I watched it, more I started to get what do kids see in BloodMaster’s videos. The guy is so fun to watch and have a sense of humour that you just can’t stay serious to. And if you look the bigger picture – he is giving the kids educative content about how to do something in a Minecraft – game which is supporting logic thinking among kids.


Level 3: Ok, let the Windows PCs games begin!

What we do:

“We are placing computers and its features in the virtual Minecraft world which is built by our superstar Bloodmaster who is talking about all the features in a language kids understand.“

Short campaign steps:

  1. Showing PC devices and building individual components in the multiplayer Minecraft mode with fans
  2. Bloodmaster transforms built components in one super device of the future, again with the help of fans
  3. Game prize winning contest on Facebook where kids are showing us what they have learned by sending us their own creations and vision of the super devices
  4. Multilevel game in Minecraft with highlighted sales partners – each sales partner has its own level in a game
  5. Holiday greetings to everyone – building holiday three in Minecraft with the help of fans and devices of promotion

Level 4: The results

Dream come true of every account – watching your client’s campaign numbers grow bigger than anyone expected.  So there goes a part with some numbers (I can not skip that one.)!

Through native communication on the YouTube BloodMaster channel, we’ve managed to collect over one million video views, over 60.000 likes and over 8.000 user comments along with 2.600 video shares – and all of that without media budget.

But most importantly, over 13.000 customers have been redirected to partner sales channels over the duration of the campaign, which has led to a marked increase in the sales of the commodity segment and delighted the client.


Working with influencers?

It has been more than two years that we are making great campaigns  with influencers.  But for me personally, this was the first bigger experience with influencer-based campaign. Detecting Viktor (BloodMaster) and working with him, as well as getting the most out of the concept,  was a great experience that just motivates me to do more and disrupt future campaigns.


Great beginning for the new and big things, right?


And not to forget the most important thing – big thanks to Microsoft Croatia team for recognizing our efforts and ideas. Without them this amazing campaign would never be possible. This makes me love my job and motivates me to do more – just like Windows PCs do.

If you want to take a look how it all worked out, check the case video below:



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