Soooo, Instagram has just introduced 4 new features in it’s app update and they are “surprisingly” again kinda Snapchaty! Here’s what happened.

The face filters

Admit it, they get on your nerves, they are stupidly ridiculous. But they are so much fun (and sometimes help people express themselves hiding behind those) that they have become a trademark of Snapchat. So much, that I know some people kept having Snapchat just to be able to make some face filters based videos and photos and then post them on Instagram. Well, that party seems to be over now in that area as well. At least soon though, since Snapchat still has far better filters than Instagram.

The hashtags inside Instagram stories!

Say what? Hashtags with actual tags that work as tags have arrived to Instagram stories. Start typing and it will automatically suggest you a hashtag. Click on the tag and see connected stories and posts. This will open a whole new level of stalking but also some new options for us marketers who are always looking to add new criteria into KPI based Excels. Clients, be aware 😉

Reverse camera feature

Basically it’s a video, but a reverse one. So next to boomerang now we have one more irritating thing that we will all go mad about and spam each other all over our feeds. And be aware, brands in reverse mode videos are coming in 3…2…1….But well, ok, what can you do. Actually, here is an example of what can you do.

Told you they were coming.

Eraser brush

A new creative tool to play along as well. Nothing special, but it’s nice and cool to play with.

What does it all mean:

  1. Instagram is heating up their game even more seriously – student beating the master?
  2. Snapchat will have to do a miracle to make this thing work under a crazy #YesWeCopyButWeHaveABiggerUserBaseYouShouldHaveScaledFaster Instagram (Facebook) approach – and we are following stocks

  3. AR has become and is about to be an ever bigger battle field
  4. My Snapchat is really really empty – almost as Facebook stories feed. We are keeping our eyes on GenZ  – the biggest Snapchat user base and the influence new features on Instagram are having on their loyalty to the famous ghost.
Happy Snapin…I mean, Instagraming.
PS I’m sorry to be writing this, I really liked Snapchat, a lot.
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