We are young but we grew up fast, and what started as a dream became a strong will to grow even further.


Ida Pandur, 26 years old at the time, after 4 years of experience in digital industry founds independently Entourage. Entourage is a french word for a team and crew that always has your back. Both in business and in private life, Ida values this the most and therefore decides to name her company in the same way.

In case you’re wondering, if the name has anything to do with the American series Entourage… Partly yes. Some events and findings from the series were similar to what Ida had experienced, so the name is metaphorical on many levels.


13.12. 2013.

Entourage & Grey Worldwide Zagreb start their digital joint venture GreyEntourage. Companies enter into a joint brand and finance sharing deal with the goal to achieve better success on joint projects but continue to act as separate legal subjects.



Nokia/Microsoft Mobile CEE- signed first large client agreement for Entourage – Nokia, which in the following year becomes Microsoft Mobile. Entourage takes over the coordination of Nokia social media channels coordination for the CEE market. Big thanks to Iva Carić Kovačić that gave us the opportunity to show what we can do.


1.9. 2015.

Velimir Žagar joins Entourage to the newly founded function of Creative Tech Director which represents a further turn for Entourage in the technology direction and also enables storytelling to be done in a completely upgraded way. On the other side, with Velimir’s arrival, company starts thinking about building their own products.



Entourage wins first award for a client’s campaign together with Grey – Golden Sempler award for the best usage of media – Back to School Campaign for client Vipnet


1.1. 2016.

Grey & Entourage reach a decision on leaving the joint venture in terms of joint brand and revenue and cost share on digital projects but continue with cooperation as partners on common clients under separate brands.



Entourage decides to use the new era of independent existence also to refresh and optimize its brand. Decision is made to go with the shorter version of the word Entourage – ENTG, which is more memorable and easier for search optimisation (popular american series is still more popular in searches ;)) but still follows the basics of the word on which the whole brand and its values have been founded. In line, new visual identity is launched along with new primary web and mail domain – www.entg.co.



ENTG moves offices to the centre of innovation in Zagreb – Hub385.



Entourage launches its first product together with Span and InfoCumulus- face recognition system and BI – Emily.


1.5. 2016.

ENTG is extending it’s services to development by hiring Berislav Grgičak as a development lead and this marks the point where the complete production is moved to in-house. Plus, the office is getting fuller with hardware every day 🙂



Nada Kaurin Knežević joins the team on the newly founded position of Chief of Strategy. Experience has shown us a lack of real strategic approach to solving business and communication and challenges on the market. Nada with her knowledge, experience and approach brings our team and clients the ability to solve any of the above mentioned. ENTG spreads it’s service to the field of brand and marketing strategy.



An internal R&D department is formed and the company turns even stronger to innovation.